Should You Enroll in a Dental Assistant Training Program?

Should You Enroll in a Dental Assistant Training Program?

Are you a high school graduate, or maybe you’re a professional looking to switch careers; why not consider enrolling in a dental assistant training. The field of dentistry offers up attractive salaries, a selection of positions, and good benefit packages to the vast majority of workers. Before you choose a school that offers such a program, however, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration. Here are some challenges that usually aren’t discussed in the initial stages of training that could have a big impact on your career.

Are You A Person Who’s Emotional or Squeamish?

Although most dental procedures are painless, there are times when local anesthesia doesn’t work. Some patients don’t get numb even after being given local anesthesia. Then there are those who are scared of the dentist and may cry, throw up, or have panic attacks during a dental procedure. Significant amounts of pus or blood may also be present during a dental procedure. Then there are people with bad breath, have open sores, or have oral cancers. If you’re a bleeding heart or you get easily nauseated at the smell of infection or sight of blood, you may not be a good candidate for dental assisting.

Are You Functionally Ambidextrous?

If you are right-handed and the dentist you are assisting is also right-handed, you will need to have a certain level of proficiency and dexterity with your left hand. The same scenario is true if you are both left-handed. You must be able to work opposite the dentist no matter which hand or she prefers to use. While you will get comfortable using both hands during dental assistant training, you may encounter difficulty if you are heavily one-handed.

How Are Your Own Teeth?

Clients coming into the office will expect you to have pearly white, even teeth. Dentists usually want their staff to have beautiful teeth. If you were a plastic surgeon, would you hire someone with an uncorrected lazy eye? Unless you have beautiful teeth or don’t have a phobia of having your teeth worked on, you might be discriminated against when you’re looking for a job as a dental assistant.

Are You Comfortable Around People?

While you undergo dental assistant training, other students may have to inspect your mouth or clean your teeth. You’ll encounter mentally disabled, handicapped, and violent patients when you work in an office environment. You may need to reconsider a career in dental assisting if you aren’t comfortable around all types of people regardless of sex, race, or disabilities.

You’ll have many job opportunities once you complete dental assistant training. However, you need to carefully think about the issues mentioned before deciding to push through. Dental assistants are expected to be composed, relaxed, and professional at all times, as well as have a functional amount of ambidexterity.

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