Bold and Beautiful Summer Shoes

Bold and Beautiful Summer Shoes

As summer approaches, I start to dream about the variety of open-toed shoes (and, of course, coordinating toenail polish) that I will get to wear to the beaches, barbecues, and various awesome warm-weather events.

This summer, neutral tones are very in, but personally I am a big fan of a bolder, more colorful look in the summertime. So I have chosen my favorite representatives of each category, in a mix of heels and flats, to inspire you for your hot weather shopping. Have fun!

I love these because they are heels so they have a more formal look off the bat, but the frayed canvas makes them casual enough to be worn with jeans or a denim skirt.

LOVE these! The gold is neutral enough to go with a variety of other colors, and the metallic with jewels would dress up any outfit.

Betsey Johnson always manages to make me smile. Great with a white summer frock, skinny jeans, or get them in the black background for a more subdued look that might be slightly more versatile.

I really love the neutral color paired with the bold ruffle on these fun flats. This is a pair of sandals that can truly be worn with anything.

The earthiness of these pebble-beaded sandals and animal print, contrasted with the jewel tones and modern styling, make me really lust after these shoes. WANT.

I am always a fan of a casual wedge mule, and the laser-cut detailing on this cross-strap is gorgeous. I also love the curvy profile, and the woodgrain. Just a plain ole beautiful shoe.

Seen any amazing summer shoes lately that you are lusting after? Leave a link in the comments!